Tweed väst Teflon-Light Green

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Interna! Llning is 100% Polyester.

Outer Jacket is made from 60% Wool, 25% Polyester 11% Acrylic and 4% composed of other fibres, making this jacket top quahty fabric. Other features lnclude two front we lt pockets, 5 button closure, Cotton moleskin trimming around the pockets, and back 'cinch' ad1uster

Produced to the highest standards by a manuf acturer of top quality countrywear and derby clothing.

The tweed has been treated with Teflon which acts as a fabric protector, making th,s product long-lasting protection aga inst oil- and water-based stains, dust and dry soil. Please check our size guide against your waistcoat you wi sh to purchase.

60% Wool

Teflon Coated Fabric

60% Wool, 25% Polyester, 11% Acrylic, 4% Other

Dry-Clean Only

Button Front



Tailored Fit

5-button closure

Back 'Cinch' Adjuster

Färg: Light Green

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