J. Harvest & Frost

Harvest & Frost is built on the belief that aesthetics, quality design and precision craftsmanship play fundamental parts in our lives. In other words – we believe in order to thrive and find our passion while we work - we need to surround ourselves with things which inspire and encourage us.

We are a work shirt brand for men and women - and in order to succeed in our mission, and become “fuel for your passion”, we offer well-made, detailed and affordable work shirts of the highest quality. We aim to be that undefinable, yet powerful, intangible asset which aesthetics represents in your workday.Harvest & Frost was established in 20xx as a result of a collaboration between two brands − James Harvest Sportswear, rooted in U.S. college fashion with worldwide distribution and Frost, with its focus on tailored, well-cut garments in a small scale. Two excellent concepts brought together in one brand